About Us

We are a group of area residents near Elk Point who have banded together to fight against the intrusion of environmentally damaging and harmful industrial wind turbines based on hundreds of studies and the lived experiences of thousands of people across Canada and abroad. We are not funded “by oil and gas” but are paying for this endeavour out of our own pockets and time.

The Core Group

Mark Mallett is the Editor in Chief of Wind Concerns. He was an award-winning journalist with CTV Edmonton. His family lives south of Elk Point in the Northern Valley where an industrial wind project is being planned near their acreage. Mark launched Wind Concerns when he learned of the lack of public consultation and recourse taking place with affected residents, including his own family.

Chris Habiak lives north of Elk Point. He is a business-owner and community leader. He joined with his neighbors to oppose the Northland Power wind project that was slated for his region. They formed the group “People Against Turbines” (PAT). Fortunately, that project was cancelled in March 2023, after which, Chris turned his attention to the Northern Valley. He is the Treasurer of Wind Concerns to look after expenditures from flyers, community hall rentals, to legal counsel. Chris brings tremendous experience and knowledge to Wind Concerns through his first-hand experience.

Lea Mallett is assisting with administration and promotional materials, such as flyer and logo designs, etc. Lea is a professional graphic designer.

Levina Ewasiuk lives on the original Ewasiuk homestead in the Northern Valley where she and family members have farmed for over five decades. Levina is an award-winning Health Canada Nurse Manager with 35 years of experience in public health nursing (illness prevention and health promotion) and holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a Masters in Leadership. She has vast personal experience in holding oil companies to proper land reclamation.

Don Kadutski was heavily involved in keeping oil companies environmentally straight during the early boom days. His knowledge and experience with environmental acts and regulatory processes is invaluable.

Want to join us? Looking for volunteers!
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