What Happens When Ideology Runs the Power Grid

In response to a reporter’s question on the soaring power rates for Alberta consumers, Premier Danielle Smith was unequivocal: “This is what happens when ideology runs the power grid.”

The Premier went on to point out the fatal mistake of the previous NDP administration to take coal offline too quickly, leaving Albertans without a reliable energy source. Indeed, she noted how wind and solar are not reliable and require costly infrastructure. And Smith repeated her intent to block Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s green ideological dreams, which will cost taxpayers 1.7 trillion dollars. As a result, Albertans could see their energy bills rise five times what they are now, said Smith.

Already, Alberta is expected to see historic electricity rates soaring this month. Moving to unreliable energy sources such as wind power has only exacerbated the growing crisis.

Transitioning to cleaner forms of energy has to make sense. Large-scale wind and solar don’t make sense. It’s refreshing to hear a politician actually admit it.

Watch the 2-minute exchange below:

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Wind Concerns is a collaboration of citizens of the Lakeland Alberta region against proposed wind turbine projects.

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  1. This ideology is clearly for the massive turbines to cause great harm of upon human health, animals and other wildlife, as well as the environment. It is way past time to investigate and acknowledge the science which world wide is poking us in the eye. Thank you, Wind Concerns, – for calling for local, provincial, and federal governments to finally say “no” to wind projects in populated and highly sensitive ecological areas. “Scientism” is a cult that rams an increasing anti-human agenda across nations to obliterate the average man in favour of deception and corporate greed. Impoverishing and beggaring the vast majority of Albertans and all other Canadians, by an impossibly high and false cost of living, cancels any opposition to this Ideocracy, we’ll all be to busy “making more and more bricks.”

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