The turbines proposed for south of Elk Point are to be 207m from ground to highest point of the blades. By comparison, the Calgary Tower is 190m (626 ft) tall. According to renewable industry literature, these are actually off-shore sized turbines (see colored graphic below).

It will be no small loss for travellers from the city who come to the Lakeland region to “get away” from the towering concrete structures and powerlines of urban life… to then crest the hills south of the Northern Valley only to be greeted by hulking masses of metal and fibreglass. We seriously ask why politicians would not defend this region — a beautiful hunters, canoers, and campers getaway? For many who live here, the decision to put Wind Turbines in a recreational area as beautiful as this is shortsighted and tragic. But it’s the cost to those living under their shadow that is going to throw landowners, counties, and energy companies into legal battles — many that are starting to be won due to the hazardous and deadly dangers of wind turbines.1

That is, unless these projects are moved or banned altogether.

  1. see here for recent court decisions[]
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Wind Concerns is a collaboration of citizens of the Lakeland Alberta region against proposed wind turbine projects.

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  1. The tower of Babal !

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