Ex-Navy secretary: Halt wind farm that will ‘obliterate quality of life’

By Josh Christenson of New York Post, December 5, 2023

A former US Navy secretary and long-serving diplomat has called on the Biden administration and Congress to halt plans for immense offshore wind farms near Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

J. William Middendorf
Photo Credit: US Navy

J. William Middendorf warned in an Oct. 24 letter to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the projects were being “ramrodded through a deficient regulatory process despite the controversy over their acknowledged impacts and questionable benefits,” according to a copy exclusively obtained by The Post.

The 99-year-old Middendorf predicted to Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. that the developments “will destroy the ocean habitat, decimate marine animal populations, cripple ocean-dependent industries, and obliterate the quality of life that proximity to the ocean gives residents and visitors.

“They will also enrich foreign national energy companies at the expense of American taxpayers and jeopardize national security, military operations, and maritime safety,” Middendorf added. “Offshore wind complexes will raise energy costs and create an enormous environmental liability that will endure until the last turbine falls — all without ever reducing our carbon emissions or taking a single fossil fuel plant offline.”

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