Farmers Rejecting Wind Power Projects to Avoid Massive Clean Up Costs


Farmers are rejecting offers to host wind turbines to avoid being left with the massive cleanup costs after these things grind to a halt. At first blush, being paid an annual license fee of $10-25,000 per turbine, per year sounds lucrative enough. However, put that against the $600,000 plus cost of demolishing and removing a single turbine, and the deal soon loses its gloss. Indeed, the ultimate multi-million-dollar cost of removing dozens of turbines from a farming property, makes the piddling revenue stream look like chump change.

With plenty of evidence to show that these things have an economic lifespan of around 15 years – not the wildly ambitious 25 years touted by the wind industry – farmers considering signing up to 25-year landholder agreements have good reason to think hard before they sign.

Demolition and removal is a specialist and, accordingly, expensive enterprise: Demolition Squad: What Happens to Worn Out Wind Turbines? They Get Blown to Bits

STT has been providing warnings to the gullible and unwitting farmer for some time now: Blown Away: Counting the Colossal Cost of Cleaning Up ‘Clean’ Energy’s Monstrous Mess 

Well, it seems that at least some of them have taken notice…

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