Industrial Wind Turbines are Destroying Freshwater Wells

By Tom Harris of America Out Loud News, March 4, 2024

Imagine a family living in the same rural home, complete with a pristine freshwater well, for generations. Grandfather, father and son and their wives and children had all the clean water they would ever need for drinking, washing, watering their crops and animals and playing in for over a century. Until a few years ago, that was the idyllic circumstance for Christine Burke and her family.

Then, suddenly, everything changed. The water is now grey, loaded with contaminants such as arsenic and lead, plugging filters. The culprit? Industrial wind turbines that now encircle Christine’s home. The first photographs below show the current state of Christine’s well water after the installation of dozens of wind turbines around her home. The next image is a 100X magnification of her well water, which the authorities expect her to drink. She does not, of course, and has to bring in fresh water by one-gallon jugs from a nearby town.

And Christine is not alone. Not only are many of her neighbors experiencing the same problem, but Charles (Chas) Thomas of central Illinois also now has bad water quality in his wells after wind turbines were erected near his home. After living with his wife in their rural home for 41 years, also previously with clean well water, Chas now has to pay to connect to the nearby water main for his potable water supply since his well water now looks like this:

As we have heard in previous episodes of The Other Side of the Story, industrial wind turbines, a so-called “green” energy source, are ruining the lives of countless rural families across North America. Today, we learn about yet another impact of the “industrialization of the countryside”—the contamination of freshwater aquifers.

To help understand what is on the horizon for your community if you accept the construction of an industrial wind turbine “farm” anywhere near your home, join Tom Harris and new co-host Todd Royal to hear the tragic real-life stories of our guests Christine Burke and Chas Thomas. Tune in to this important episode of The Other Side of the Story to learn how you can fight back before it’s too late!

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