Premier Smith, Schulz: Fed Plan is “Dangerous”

Premiere Danielle Smith and Hon. Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Environment and Protected Areas, warn that the Federal’s carbon emissions plan is “dangerous”, and that Albertans will face “brown” and “black” power outages without “reliable” energy. Solar and wind are simply not reliable, says Smith. And Minister Schulz warns that the costs to implement Trudeau’s Reckless Green Dreams could climb to 1.7 trillion dollars. “Everything we’ve seen from the Federal Government,” she says, “shows they simply don’t care how, or how much, Canadians will need to pay for their costly ambitions.” (see Guilbeault — an Existential Threat to Canada)

This is expensive, unreasonable, ideological, and quite frankly, it is dangerous.

Hon. Rebecca Schulz, launch of national ad campaign, September 28, 2023; CPAC

The Premier and her cabinet have launched a website where they are urging Canadians to let their MP’s know that Trudeau’s approach is unacceptable. Go to: Tell the

Wind Concerns has published some of the best research gathered from around the world on wind turbines, and our conclusion is unequivocal: wind makes absolutely no environmental or economic sense, and should be abandoned as an energy “solution”.


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Wind Concerns is a collaboration of citizens of the Lakeland Alberta region against proposed wind turbine projects.

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