Testimonies: Wind Turbine Syndrome Up to 10km Away

Infrasound, an inaudible pulsation created when the blade of a wind turbine passes the base, is linked to serious health impacts on humans and animals. A French Court has recognized these health impacts as “wind turbine syndrome.”1 Australians and Americans testify to the symptoms caused as far as 10kms away…


  1. cf. Turbine Sickness: How Far Away is Safe?[]
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Wind Concerns is a collaboration of citizens of the Lakeland Alberta region against proposed wind turbine projects.

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  1. Right now there is a project in Ontario called K1, owned by Capital Power, that is reaching the end of their 20 year contract. Residents being harmed in Ontario, whose homes are surrounded by turbines in clusters and in ridiculously close proximity, have repeatedly reported the harm to appropriate government agents… to no avail. Residents have been forced to endure the harm by escaping their homes as much as possible because government agents and the wind company failed to protect them this whole time. Some have died. Some had to abandon their homes. Some have developed health impacts that are now being treated by doctors with pharmaceuticals and procedures. Doctors have not intervened.
    Capital Power is now proposing to extend the contract and our Conservative government under Doug Ford is actually considering doing this.
    As you can imagine, residents being harmed are deeply disappointed and panicking.
    Will a precedent be set for extending other contracts?
    Surely this won’t be allowed to happen.

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