WEBCAST: Urgency!

With only three months to go before the pause on renewable energy in Alberta comes to an end, there is no time to waste for politicians to restrict the harm that industrial wind turbines cause. At last, a politician has acknowledged the harm that industrial wind does to human health.

In Wind Concerns’ first webcast, Mark Mallett and Angela Tabak discuss the urgency and importance of this latest development and why the time for the province to act is now.


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Mark Mallett is a former award-winning reporter with CTV Edmonton and an independent researcher and author. His family homesteaded between Vermilion and Cold Lake, Alberta, and now resides in the Lakeland region. Mark is Editor in Chief of Wind Concerns.


  1. ianthe goodfellow

    Worms feel the infrasound and try to vacate the areas of Turbines. I really don’t know how far, but as far as they can.

  2. Maureen Samson

    What a fantastic webcast – you two speak with such honesty and integrity! Looking forward to many more insightful webcasts and information. If enough of us are loud enough and use our voices, they must pay attention to reason (at least that’s what I’m telling myself & others).

  3. Kelly Tainsh

    We too are fighting a wind farm proposal for Kneehill County! 50 turbines in phase one alone. Thank you for all the great information that we can hopefully utilize in our fight too. We have initiated a petition that we hope to present to the Legislative Assembly. The work is just beginning!

  4. Jackie Erskine

    Wow! I had no idea what these wind turbines were causing. As I drove back and forth this summer from home in Airdrie to trailer near Vauxhall (Alberta), I would pass trucks hauling massive parts of wind turbines and wondered where they were going. To the ignorant person, they seem like an ingenious way to produce energy. I follow you Mark on your other topics and thought if you are passionate about this, there must be a reason. Thank you for educating me. I have passed this on to many others to get the word out.

  5. Just a correction on the teaser text: Angela Tabak isn’t an MLA. They were a candidate, but they didn’t get elected to be an MLA.

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