A Climate Conversation – The Documentary

…the apocalyptic language surrounding the climate has done a deep disservice to humanity. It has led to incredibly wasteful and ineffectual spending. The psychological costs have also been immense. Many people, particularly younger ones, live in fear that the end is nigh, too often leading to debilitating depression about the future. A look at the facts would demolish those apocalyptic anxieties.

—Steve Forbes, Forbes magazine, July 14, 2023

A Climate Conversation rejects the climate of extremism in favor of a constructive debate on climate change. Devised and produced by geophysicist Walter Johnson and filmmaker Colton Moyer, A Climate Conversation offers viewers a welcome opportunity to reach a consensus based on shared values of environmentalism and humanitarian compassion.

The film features scientists and economists with deep expertise in the subject of climate change. In addition to Johnson, the film features Ken Gregory, director of the Friends of Science, Gregory Wrightstone, Executive Director of the CO2 Coalition and an Expert Reviewer for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and Ronald Stein, Founder of PTS Advance and author of four books on the economics of clean energy.

Radio host Kim Monson of The Kim Monson Show moderates the film. In plain English, Kim asks the most elemental questions at the core of the climate debate:

• Is global warming a threat to human flourishing, and is it likely to lead to catastrophic consequences for mankind?

• Is the warming trend we’re experiencing unprecedented in world and human history, and is it already causing hurricanes and forest fires that threaten our way of life?

• What is the cost to achieve Net Zero in the United States?

• What is the availability of natural resources necessary to create fossil-fuel-free electricity, and what are the costs in human terms?

• Is it true that there is a consensus among scientists that climate change poses an existential threat to humanity?


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