Little Town Takes Down Big Wind

By Alison Despathy of the Vermont Daily Chronicle, on December 15, 2023

Residents of the Bennington County town of Stamford fought back against an aggressive, well-funded wind tower proposal and won on December 7, when the developer announced it had dropped the project.

“Today, Norwich Solar, manager of the Stamford Main Renewables wind turbine proposal, announced the application to the Vermont Public Utility Commission will not move forward,” a statement said.

It’s rarely possible to know the ultimate reason why a company drops a project. What’s clear is that the Town of Stamford did their research, covering all possible bases to understand the legal process, the violations, and what their citizens desired. During the review process, Act 250 violations on the land for the access road for the proposed wind tower were identified and are now under enforcement. The proposed site had been excessively cleared to make way for a wind monitoring device. The construction of a 1 mile road through a high priority forest into the site possibly requiring the construction of a bridge was a major expense. What’s more, the wind industry is experiencing declines in return on investments due to increased capital costs, inflation, and supply chain issues.

Read the full article here.

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