Politician Listens to Those Who Voted for Him

By WKBN News, December 13, 2023

A public meeting was held Wednesday evening in Springfield Township to discuss if people want solar panels and wind turbines in their community.

Township trustee Josh Weiry says 90% of the 30 people at the meeting opposed solar panels and turbines.

The trustees have been asked by the Mahoning County Commissioners to let them know if they support the project. The trustees were scheduled to vote on the issue at their Dec. 20 meeting — some thought that was a short timetable for such an important decision.

“I’m hoping to hear whatever our people tell me to do,” Weiry said. “That’s what I was elected to do: To take the people of our township and give them a voice, and that’s what we’re here to do.”

Weiry also said some people were concerned about the lack of education on the matter, that not all solar and wind powered companies are bad.

Weiry said it’s not yet been determined if the trustees will make a decision on Dec. 20.

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