Study: Wind Farms Drop Loon Population by 94 Percent

A new study by German scientists has found that populations of a group of aquatic birds known as red-throated loons or “divers” have declined by more than 90 percent in the North Sea after offshore wind farms were built there.

The Epoch Times reported that ‘They found that the “distribution and abundance of loons changed substantially from the period before to the period after OWF [offshore wind farm] construction,” with populations of red-throated loons declining by 94 percent within a 1-kilometre zone of the wind farms and by 52 percent within 10 kilometres of the wind farms… “This worries us substantially,” Stefan Garthe, a co-author of the latest study findings and a marine ecology professor at Kiel University in Germany, told the Straits Times. “While we acknowledge the urgent need for renewable energy, we face the problem that wind farms hardly provide any benefit for seabirds.”’

Since the proposed Northern Valley project near Elk Point, Alberta is directly upon the summer grounds of the endangered Whooping Crane, it is increasingly clear that wind turbines are extremely destructive to both the lives of birds and their habitats.

Read the full story here.

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