The Right to Life, Liberty, and Security

According to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

Section 7, Part I, Constitution Act

The following powerful reflection was written by Northern Valley, Alberta resident Levina Ewasiuk, an award-winning Health Canada Nurse Manager with 35 years of experience in public health nursing (illness prevention and health promotion) and who holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a Masters in Leadership. Levina is part of the Wind Concerns research team

I want to be clear on what I, as a potential landowner to be impacted by an industrial wind factory, want, and why.

I want assurance from the host landowners, from Elemental Energy, from the County of St. Paul, and from the province of Alberta that I will not be adversely affected by the wind turbines. Why? Because I want my health and wellbeing protected. It is my human right.

I want to be assured that my animals will not be adversely affected by the turbines. Why? Because I want my livelihood protected, my income protected, my cattle herd health protected

I want to be assured that the value of my property will not be adversely affected. Why? I have invested a lifetime of effort and earnings into my property. I want Elemental Energy, host landowners and the County to guarantee that my property will not be devalued by wind turbine projects.

I want to be assured that my water supply will not be adversely affected. Why? I and my animals need water to live. Elemental Energy and the County need to guarantee that I will be provided with water if my water supply is disrupted.

I want to be assured that my environment is not adversely affected. That both audible and inaudible sound is measured not just modelled. Why? My environment is essential for my health and well being. My continued peace and quiet needs to be guaranteed.

There needs to be assurance that my road will not be blocked by industrial traffic, that my road is not destroyed by heavy loads beyond what the road is capable of handling.

I want to be assured that the wildlife is not adversely affected. Why? All birds, bats, and insects play a critical role in our ecosystem. Their survival and protection from extinction is in our hands. It is our collective responsibility.

I want to be assured that productive farmland is protected. Why? My family and I need food to survive. We all do. No one can live without food. Food security is a current critical concern.

Elemental Energy has said that they cannot ensure that we will not be adversely affected. The County of St. Paul is not providing us with any assurances. The proposed land use bylaws are evidence of that.

Somehow, someway we need to make our whys become their whys — community, county, and province why’s. What we want is truly for the common good.

—Levina Ewasiuk

In April of 2020, Arran-Elderslie County in Ontario amended their bylaw in order to protect the health of their residents. The last “why” we ask here is, why haven’t Alberta politicians done the same? 1

  1. With the exception of MLA, Scott Cyr: see here and here[]
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