‘Turbine graveyards’ sprawled across Texas…

From Sky News Australia

Independent journalist Ron Kendall Jr. warns of “turbine graveyards” which have been popping up over the US state of Texas as turbine blades reach their useable life.

Texas is home to more than 15,000 wind turbines and has been dubbed a “clean energy powerhouse”. In a documentary produced by Yucca Films, Mr Kendall Jr. investigates the lifespan of the turbines and where they go once used. “Once they reach their usable life we are seeing more of these, I like to call them turbine graveyards, popping up throughout the state, some to the scale of over 20 to 40 acres of maybe ten tall stacked up,” he told Sky News host James Morrow. “It doesn’t seem like there was much thought into the end of life for a lot of these renewable energy sources.” Mr Kendall Jr added many blades are being replaced within two years on some of the newer facilities.


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