A County Takes Steps to Protect Residents

The awareness of the harmful effects of wind turbines on humans is beginning to trickle down to planning authorities. At least in a few places.

Buffalo County Commissioners in Kearney, Nebraska voted unanimously last week to approve distancing rules that were recommended by the planning commission (RESOLUTION 2023-09). The rules say a wind farm cannot be located or expanded within three miles of agriculture residential zoned property, three miles from any parcel owned by a non-applicant, three miles of a church, hospital, pool or park, five miles of any village or city, two miles of a burial site, the Platte River and South Loup River areas or five miles from a wildlife preservation or management area.1

With what we know from Ontario residents’ experience, what we’ve learned from the volumes of studies showing wind turbine farms’ ill effects, the Alberta government and local municipalities need to, at the very least, imitate Buffalo County. However, they should go further: declare a moratorium on any future projects. That’s what happened in Ontario, and by 2018, no more wind projects were approved. Wind farms are a failed experiment. It’s time for governments to climb down from the “green economy” narrative that is actually destroying the economy and people’s lives.

Alberta politicians have a chance not to repeat Ontario’s sorry history. It just takes the courage to say “no.” Buffalo County made a good start…

For the full story, see here.

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